Meet The Chef

Owner/Executive Chef Laura Wallace is the face of Mirepoix.  Her passion and appreciation for food began at a young age. Every gathering of Laura’s Southern/Italian family celebrated food and each member brought their own specialty. Recipes and traditions were passed down generation after generation including everything from home-made pastas to special holiday dinners. Although the food was delicious, it was the time spent with family and friends around the table that made the gatherings unforgettable. Their basic act of preparing meals and sharing them with one another was more than just a necessity; it was a display of affection. So it was only natural for Laura to pursue an education in Culinary Arts and in 2007 she graduated from college with her degree.

She has worked in many fine dining establishments and aided in catering for many large events but it has always been her dream to bring her cooking back to that intimate setting she grew up with. That dream became a reality when she started Mirepoix in 2012.  She delights in creating healthy and delicious meals for families all over the Nashville area.